Wholesale high-quality stationery

Wholesale high-quality stationery

Only in the wholesale stationery Assidiq you can get a guarantee of stationery products that really qualified,
With a price slightly below the average wholesale price of others we can provide various benefits that you might not encounter in the wholesale provider of stationery to another.
In keeping with the satisfaction of each of our product sales transactions, we will provide a number of conveniences that you can enjoy if you buy products from our stationery, among the advantages are:
1.we offer the lowest possible price with best quality

2.we sell in small quantities or large, which allows for the retailers or wholesalers for shopping with us

3.in order goods over 1 million will be given a discount of up to 5%

4.product that has been in direct order as quickly as possible until we send to you.

5.we responsible for the authenticity of the brand and quality products we sell, because in today's very rampant with counterfeit products.

6.What if the item you are looking for is not listed in this website, probably because of the limited pages, and we are ready to serve all your orders
7.if any goods you have purchased from us but not sold in the market or defective or damaged on receipt then you can meretur or trade them with similar goods.

8.all of complaints, criticisms and suggestions can you convey via e-mail, telephone, sms, and coment on this web

we are ready to serve all your orders
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